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Pancreatic Cancer Support Groups

We are aware that there are very few pancreatic cancer support groups nationally. Aiding our supporters to set up local support groups is a very new initiative for Pancreatic Cancer UK and although we do not run groups ourselves we can provide a helping hand to get your started.

Support Groups:

There are many advantages of having a pancreatic cancer support group which include an exchange of information about personal experiences, mutual empathy and understanding, encouragement, support and a sense of belonging.

In addition to these factors a group approach to local lobbying and fundraising can often be more influential and persuasive than a lone voice.

Support groups have been shown to improve adjustment, mood and quality of life for people affected by cancer.

Support groups are fundamentally about human warmth, friendship and companionship with people who have had or are having the same experience as one another.

We are aware of several active groups - for more information, please see below.

If you would like to set up a group in your area please email or fill out this form, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Active Groups

London and West Midlands - newly formed groups for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer have been set up in these areas. For more information contact Debbie Wells


Pcuk -supportmidlandsWest Mids Support Group

Members of the Midlands Support Group

Bristol and South West and East Yorkshire  - groups under development and seeking members. For more information contact Debbie Wells

PALMS - Pancreas and Liver Meeting 2 Support U - East Lancashire Liver and Pancreas Support Group, Accrington Fire Station, Hyndburn Road, Church, Accrington, BB5 4EQ. Meets monthly on set dates 2-4pm (please ring for more information: 07516 181542)

PanPals Dorset - Provides Information and Support to local people. For information visit their website or call Lynda Pain - 07796 534 455 or Audrey Saunders - 07909 146216.

S.L.O.P.(Stomach, Liver, Oesophageal and Pancreatic) Cancer Support Group- Lancaster - Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at 2pm. For more information visit their website. Please visit their website:  or phone 07926047519 for more information.

Wessex Pancreas & Bile Duct Cancer Support Network Group - Meetings are held in the Macmillan centre at Southampton General Hospital B level. Contact Joanne Dowle Pancreatic CNS 02380794374 or 02380777222 bleep 1432 to find out more.

The Bereaved Partners Support Group (BPSG) - a support group for people who lose their loved ones to cancer, and is the first group of its kind. The aim of the group is to create a regular space for people to share stories and experiences with others who have experienced a similar kind of loss - a place for them to informally share and network. The group meets in London.