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Real life stories

Real life stories

In this section you will find real life stories from people affected by pancreatic cancer. These stories provide examples of how people were diagnosed, the treatment they received and their life during and after treatment.

Everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will be different in terms of how they received their diagnosis and how they respond to and cope with treatment.

Please be aware that these stories are not necessarily typical of the population diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in terms of age, types of pancreatic cancer or the treatment received. These patients are also unusual in that many have responded well to treatment. We hope they will provide some inspiration and hope of better outcomes than the average statistics. We also hope that in the future advances in treatment will enable more patients to have this chance of life with pancreatic cancer.

The stories do not represent recommendations about treatment and care. You should discuss any treatment with consultants specialising in pancreatic cancer.

The stories contained in these pages contain the views and opinions of the individuals who have written them and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pancreatic Cancer UK.