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Celebrate a loved one this Father's Day

For Maisie, Father’s Day is forever tinged with sadness.

It was on this day, whilst celebrating at her dad’s favourite pub, that her father, Steve, told her he was experiencing persistent stomach aches. For as long as Maisie could remember, he had always suffered from heartburn, but it was unlike him to complain of ailments. She was worried and urged him to go and see his doctor.

“Just nine months later, my dad died of pancreatic cancer – and my world was turned upside down. That’s why this Father’s Day I’m making a donation in memory of my father. If you've ever lost anyone to this terrible disease, then I hope you will join me."

Will you join Maisie in celebrating a loved one this Father’s Day?

Yes, I will join Maisie to celebrate a loved one

Maisy Photo

Maisie and her dad, Steve, on Father’s Day 2017 outside his favourite pub in
Greenwich, The Cutty Sark.

Maisie's father went to see a private doctor and was booked in for an endoscopy, the results of which came back as just stomach ulcers. She was so relieved.

What Maisie didn’t know at the time was that her dad had also been suffering from terrible lower back pain. He went back to see his doctor who recommended a liver biopsy.

“A few weeks later he told me that it was likely he had cancer and that he had been told he had a tumour on his pancreas and lesions on his liver. I was really worried, but there was hope that it was operable."

Sadly, that hope soon vanished as his biopsy results came back with stage 4 pancreatic cancer which had spread to his liver. In just one week, their lives had been turned upside down.

Maisie's dad was one of the lucky ones though, because he lived for seven months after diagnosis. Most people live for only weeks. Maisie believes that if her dad had been given an earlier diagnosis, he’d still be here today.

“There needs to be a simple test for them to find it sooner. Finding it sooner could have changed everything for my dad. It could have given us more time with him. It could change everything for you and give you more time with your loved one.”

Maisie 2Maisie and her dad in Cornwall, November 2014

This Father’s Day, will you join Maisie and celebrate a loved one by making a donation in their memory?

Our researchers are working on a simple test to help GPs and doctors diagnose pancreatic cancer sooner. But we need your help. A donation in memory of a loved one will help us reach our goal of a simple test by 2024.

“Since my dad was diagnosed, I’ve been in the deepest cloud of grief. Now, finally, it feels like the cloud is lifting. We’re going back to my dad’s favourite pub this Father’s Day, to celebrate his life.”

If you've ever lost someone to pancreatic cancer then we know you understand Maisie's grief. But with your help, we can ensure more people never have to experience that cloud of grief.

Yes, I will give a gift in memory of a loved one

Pancreatic Cancer UK is working hard to save lives in memory of people like Maisie's dad, Steve. Your donation in memory of your loved one, no matter how small or large, can help us save lives in their name, too.

A one-off gift of £20

can pay for an hour of a researcher’s work into the discovery of new pancreatic cancer biomarkers.

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A one-off gift of £50

can help fund research into the discovery of a simple diagnostic test.

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A one-off gift of £100

can support our research into early diagnosis to increase survival rates.


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