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I’m standing with Pancreatic Cancer UK because…

  1. I want a simple test to diagnose pancreatic cancer early
  2. I believe GPs need to have the tools to be able to spot the warning signs of pancreatic cancer early and save lives
  3. I stand with Pancreatic Cancer UK’s researchers to make diagnosing pancreatic cancer early a reality – like it is for other cancers

“Sorry, it’s too late. We can’t save you.”

These are the devastating words most people with pancreatic cancer have to hear. Pancreatic cancer is tough to diagnose early.

By the time they’re diagnosed, most people with pancreatic cancer don’t have a chance to survive. 80% are diagnosed too late for life-saving treatment – that’s nearly double the figure for other cancers.

“Sorry” isn’t good enough and people affected by pancreatic cancer deserve more. We’re on the cusp of a breakthrough – stand with us to fight for early diagnosis.

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"Research into early diagnosis is really important. If we'd caught Jay's pancreatic cancer earlier he could've been saved or at least given longer to live."


The early diagnosis challenge

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