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Christmas Appeal

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When you’ve lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer,
Christmas can be a tough time of the year.

Sue’s story

Christmas is so important to us because it was my mum’s favourite time of the year. She was Mrs Christmas, and made it truly joyous. Every year, my children and I will get the tree down from the loft and excitedly unpack the decorations we’ve had for years.

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It breaks my heart that my boys will never experience the magic of Christmas with their grandma. They can’t, because she died from pancreatic cancer 11 years ago. 

Pancreatic cancer devastated my family - just as it does thousands of others each year. To save lives in the future, we have to find new treatments that can stop the disease in its tracks.

To keep mum’s memory alive, we decided to support Pancreatic Cancer UK.

They fund specialist research into new treatments which could give families in the future more time to celebrate special moments like Christmas together.

So, please join me in supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK this Christmas by making a gift of £25 today.

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How your donation helps

£25: Could pay for one hour of a researcher’s work into the discovery of new pancreatic cancer biomarkers

£40:  Could pay for holding an information stand in a hospital and volunteer to staff this, providing much needed information on the disease to patients and their families

£100:  Could help fund a day of research by one of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s amazing Future Leaders