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London Marathon 2020 Training Updates

Whether you are a seasoned runner or this is your first marathon we will be here to support you and help you get to that starting line.

Each week we will be posting training updates from our training partner Phil Roberton at Fitness Aspirations. If you have any specific training questions you can email Phil directly and he'd be happy to help. 

Our physiotherapist Lucy will also be posting new videos on your youtube channel so make sure you check them out for your physio questions. 

Don't forget to join the team Facebook and Strava groups to connect with the rest of the Pancreatic Cancer UK team and together we will take on the London Marathon 2020!

  • Hi team,

    Well, normally, with 16 weeks until London Marathon race day, we would be talking all things training plans! But things are very different at the moment.

    Until we hear an update on the 21st June, we need to assume the event is happening.

    Having an unknown goal (4th October) can really impact on motivation. We need to understand that motivation isn’t linear, and this is ok. Now when we don’t have motivation, then we do need discipline when working towards a goal. Again, I completely understand this is tough at the moment, when we are all struggling with the unknown, anxiety, overwhelm, personal difficulties, etc…

    This is why I don’t want to come at you now with a narrative of “you SHOULD be training”. Firstly, when we say ‘should’ do something, it can drive anxiety and negative emotions when we don’t accomplish something.  Also, many of us need be really careful with the training loads we put on our bodies. Training is stressful (it’s a good thing), but we need to be really aware of how we are feeling day by day.

    If we are due to be doing an interval or tempo session, but feeling a 2 out of 10, you are far better off dropping the pace, the demands, or even a walk/run protocol. There is a difference between exercise and training, and we do need to apply them differently.

    We’re all waiting for the update, and we’ll be supporting you throughout your journeys to the startline of the London Marathon!

    Please get in touch if you need anything in the meantime, we do have a lot of planned content for you.

    Stay safe,


  • Hi Team,

     I hope you are all well & healthy. It’s a super tough time at the moment, and I completely understand the issues with motivation and discipline. The update a couple of weeks ago was a little inconclusive, but we have to remain positive and avoid spiralling negatively with things out of our control. I’m going to be putting a lot of content together, which will hopefully help with some reassurance & inspiration. I’ve uploaded a couple already onto YouTube, and will be converting to a podcast too.


    I’m keen on getting you all to be kind to yourselves, and get some control over a flexible training plan.  The 4th October is still on. I would suggest not putting too much focus on it. The next update from the London Marathon is on the 28th July, so there is a lot of good work that can be done before then. Be honest with your starting point right now, be honest with the weekly mileage you can realistically do, and remember that the London Marathon is more than just a shiny medal. Not only are you changing lives with your fundraising, but you are changing your life in the process.

    Please get in touch with me if you are struggling physically or mentally, I get it!




  • Hi team,

    I know we still have just over a week until we get the next update from the London Marathon. 

    It’s been super hard to commit to training, and fundraising, with the uncertainty of the 4th October. Apart from the number one question we are getting “is it on?”, everyone is talking training plans. 

    I had a chat with a couple of physios a couple of weeks ago, about all things training plans. It’s on YouTube (https://youtu.be/uqmwSnAdUfk) and I’ve just loaded it onto SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/phil-roberton/the-charity-runner-london-marathon), so you can either watch or listen. I would really encourage you to take a listen as it hopefully offer you a level of reassurance, and give you a boost of inspiration.

    A number of us are struggling with motivation & discipline in the current climate, but we talk about what the London Marathon is, how to control ego and, most importantly, the importance of being kind to yourself. 

    It’s incredibly important at the moment to prioritise your health over performance aspects of training. Exercise is fantastic for our immune system, and our mental health, but we need to be very aware with how we are feeling day to day. Sometimes a walk & a podcast are more beneficial than a tough tempo session. Also, don’t forget, you don’t have to run hard (or even run) in every session. A walk can contribute to your weekly miles & time on feet.

    If you need anything then please get in touch.