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Our fundraising promise

 Our Fundraising Promise

Our fundraisers are at the heart of everything we do. They are a group of passionate, motivated people and we are extremely grateful to them for their support and enthusiasm. Without our community of fundraisers we would not be able to be here for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer or take the steps we have towards a future where the lives of those affected by the disease is transformed.

We are committed to making sure that every donation is used effectively and where it is needed the most. We follow Institute of Fundraising guidance and adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice in order to ensure that we act honestly and fairly. Here is our promise to you

We promise to use donations wisely and effectively

  • We are committed to making sure that every donation is used effectively and where it is needed the most.
  • We promise to demonstrate this, by keeping you up to date about the difference that your fundraising efforts are making

 We promise to work to the highest fundraising standards

  • We will always act honestly and fairly, and are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and care to our supporters. That’s why we support the Fundraising Regulator, the independent body that regulates fundraising and works to ensure that organisations raising money for charity do so honestly and properly.
  • We are also members of the Fundraising Regulator self-regulatory scheme, so follow the Institute of Fundraising's Codes of Fundraising Practice and comply with the key principles embodied in the Codes. And wherever possible, we try to go above and beyond these principles.
  • We promise to only work with those that meet our high standards. We will monitor them closely and if we find any concerns they will be treated with urgency

We promise to be open and transparent

  • We will be clear with you about the aims and objectives of the charity
  • We promise to tell the truth and never exaggerate
  • We will be truthful about the cost of our fundraising activities. Information can be found in our annual reports or you can contact the Fundraising team with any specific questions that you have

We promise to treat you with respect

  • We will respect your choices as to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ of our fundraising communications
  • We will not place undue pressure on you to make a gift. If you do not wish to do so or would like to stop giving them we will respect the decision
  • We promise to communicate with you in a way that suits you best. If we are told that you wish to not be contacted in a certain way then we will make sure to adhere to your request
  • Should you no longer wish to hear from us this is fine. Please tell us
  • We will take care not to use any images or words that intentionally cause distress

We promise to keep your details safe

  • We will never share or sell your details to other charities or third parties for marketing purpose. We will only share details with those working on behalf of Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • We will only ask for details that are relevant to our work
  • We promise to comply with data protection laws

We promise to be accountable

  • We promise to listen and learn and you can provide feedback at any time
  • If you are unhappy with anything we have done whilst you have been fundraising then we have a complaints procedure. We will do our best to resolve the issue

Find out more about the Fundraising Regulator on their website.

 Fundraising Regulator