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The staff of Fundamental Media have chosen Pancreatic Cancer UK as their charity partner until April 2016. Staff members have already held a Quiz Night and have plans for regular Bake-Offs and to take part in the Spartan Race in early 2016.

The Fundamental Media team have always supported a variety of charities, with their staff regularly taking part in charity races and events. This year, in addition to encouraging individuals to pursue their own charitable interests, they have also selected a Company Charity as a focus for their combined efforts.

‘One of our team lost his father very suddenly after developing pancreatic cancer and we all felt that fundraising to help the charity continue with its valuable research and support for sufferers and their families was a really worthwhile cause’, said Angus Maclaine, CEO . ‘Fundamental Media is very pleased to be supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK as our first Charity of the Year’.

Pancreatic Cancer UK are grateful to be chosen as the charity partner of Fundamental Media for 2015 and look forward to working with them to help raise awareness of the disease. 

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