Join a focus group: Exercise to boost immunity in advanced cancer

Join a focus group to discuss a study which aims to improve immunotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer patients by combining it with exercise.

The project

Dr Brindley Hapuarachchi is applying to the Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Innovation Fund to fund his research. He is looking to hold a focus group to discuss his study which aims to improve immunotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer patients by combining it with exercise.

Immunotherapy can be an effective treatment for many different types of cancers, however is not currently beneficial for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Exercise has been shown to improve the general physical and mental wellbeing of cancer patients, including improving life expectancy and day-to-day functioning. Studies show that exercise can also boost the immune system and so could potentially make immunotherapy work better and increase the range of cancers that can benefit from immunotherapy.

Dr Brindley Hapuarachchi from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is collaborating with University of Sheffield and Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University to see if combining immunotherapy with exercise can improve the effectiveness of the treatment. They aim to find exercise activities that patients with advanced pancreatic cancer find acceptable, realistic and are able to sustain and then see how these exercise activities affect the immune system, lung function and size of tumours.

Brindley is inviting individuals to join him for a focus group to ask for your insights on this project. He is looking to hold the focus group on:

Friday 24th November 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


Wednesday 29th November 2023 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Next steps

No scientific background or prior experience is needed to take part in this opportunity.

Focus groups consist of small groups of RIN members along with the researcher and a member of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Research Team. They are opportunities to find out more about a project, ask questions of the researcher and for the researcher to hear what you think about their project based on your personal experiences.

If you are interested in attending this focus group, please contact the Research Team ( with your details and the date(s) you are available, quoting the involvement reference ‘RIF Hapuarachchi’ by Friday 17th November 2023.