Research Involvement Network opportunity: Provide feedback on a project aiming to explore a novel approach to activate the patient’s immune response to pancreatic cancer

Help a researcher by providing feedback on their research proposal before they submit their application to Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Career Foundation Fellowships

Type of opportunity

Participants will be asked to give written feedback on the lay summary of this application. Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Career Foundation Fellowships  are currently open to applications and as part of the review process, they will be assessed by people affected by pancreatic cancer. Therefore, input from our Research Involvement Network at this early stage in the application process allows the researcher to ensure the language they use is clear and that people affected by pancreatic cancer remain at the heart of the research. Lay summaries are no longer than 800 words, so should not take a long time to feedback on.

About the study

Pancreatic cancer has a dismal prognosis and remains resistant to all forms of treatment, including immunotherapy. This project aims to explore a new way  to activate the body’s immune response to pancreatic cancer by increasing the number of immune cells in the tumour and inducing these immune cells to trigger an anti-cancer immune response.

This is an exciting opportunity to harness the power of the immune response to attack pancreatic cancer as an alternative to toxic and largely ineffective chemotherapy approaches. Additionally, through this method, the total number of key immune cells in circulation is increased, improving the chances of fighting metastases and preventing relapse.

How will the study benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer?

Immunotherapy has been found to be greatly successful in patients living with other types of cancers such as melanoma and bladder cancer. Pancreatic cancer has yet to reap the benefits of such an approach due to its dense make-up. This project has the potential to improve the outcomes of treatment by harnessing patients’ own immune systems to fight against cancer. Additionally, it has the potential to treat cancers that have spread from the pancreas to other parts of the body which is a key issue facing a number of patients at diagnosis.

Who is conducting the research?

Dr. Shinelle Menezes (QMUL) Supervised by Dr. Angus Cameron (QMUL) in collaboration with Dr. Sophie Acton (UCL)

Who can take up this opportunity?

Any member of the Research Involvement Network; patients, carers or loved ones.

Please note, taking part in this opportunity will not stop you from being eligible to be one of the lay reviewers for the Career Foundation Fellowships. If you wish to be a lay reviewer, you will not be given this application to review as part of the formal review process.

What next/who to contact:

If you are interested in providing feedback on the lay summary for this application, then please get in contact with the Research Team (

Due to the Fellowships application deadline being 3rd November 2021, Dr Menezes would appreciate the feedback as soon as possible and by no later than 27th October – to allow time for changes to be made.