Research Involvement Network opportunity: Provide feedback on a study that is investigating the impact of pancreatic enzyme replacement in advanced pancreatic cancer patients

Help a researcher by providing feedback on their research proposal before they submit their application for funding.

About the study

Title: Pancreas enzyme deficiency in inoperable pancreatic cancer: Diagnosis and its treatment with Creon and its impact on quality of life and pill burden.

Advanced Pancreatic cancer is associated with a reduced ability of pancreatic enzymes to enter the bowels and results in patients being unable to digest their food. This leads to bloating, diarrhoea, discomfort and weight loss. These enzymes can be replaced by medications taken with food but this means that patients are taking approximately 12 extra tablets a day.

Currently there is not enough evidence to support the use of these tablets in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer but the studies are of poor quality and not enough patients have been included.

The team aims to perform a study investigating whether replacing these enzymes improves the symptoms in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and to test a novel blood test to ensure the correct dose is given. At the same time, they shall perform a study investigating the effect of taking this number of pills on their patients quality of life.

How the study will benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer

This study aims to improve the Quality of Life for patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer by identifying the role of Pancreatic Enzyme replacement in reducing symptoms associated with the disease and identifying an optimum dosage. This would also therefore reduce the pill burden associated with advanced pancreatic cancer further improving QoL.

Who is conducting the research?

Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana, Department of Hepato-Biliary Surgery, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

About the Involvement Opportunity

Members of the Research Involvement Network are invited to provide feedback on the study, so that it can be improved before being submitted for a Newcastle Hospital Charities Grant. Participants will be sent the lay (plain English) summary of the work and a list of questions that the research team would like them to consider and provide feedback on.

Who can take part?

This opportunity is open to patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, carers and their loved ones.

Next steps

If you are interested in providing feedback on the lay summary for this application, please get in touch with the Research Team ( quoting the involvement reference ‘Pancreatic Enzyme replacement study’. The deadline for you to provide your feedback will be Friday 15th July.