Research Involvement Network opportunity: Be part of the review process for Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Career Foundation Fellowship awards

Type of opportunity

We are asking for volunteers from the Research Involvement Network to be a part of our review process for our Career Foundation Fellowships. We would like them to provide lay reviews (a review of the project from the perspective of individuals affected by pancreatic cancer) that we will use alongside technical reviews (provided by scientists currently working in the field) to decide which research projects we fund. By combining the expertise from both sets of reviewers we can ensure that we fund projects that are not only at the cutting edge of science, but also where the work is meaningful, relevant and important to people affected by pancreatic cancer.

What will the opportunity involve?

  • Participants will typically be sent between 2 and 4 applications, a guidance document and a Word document containing the questions we would like them to consider, all via email.
  • They should assess the applications from their perspective, as someone affected by pancreatic cancer, and complete the review form to provide their comments and an overall score for each application, based on the relevance to pancreatic cancer and whether or not they feel the research should be funded by the charity.
  • All comments and marks will be kept anonymous.
  • No scientific knowledge will be needed to answer any of the questions and participants will only be expected to read sections of the application that are written for people without a scientific background.

Applications will be sent out to reviewers after the Fellowship application deadline of 3rd November 2021. We ask that reviews are returned to us by 4th January 2022.

About the Fellowships 

Our new Career Foundation Fellowships are designed to support early career researchers (clinical and non-clinical) to develop their skills and build the experience needed to allow them to take the next steps in their career; they are the Professors of the future. Their proposals  may focus on any aspect of research that aims to improve the lives of people affected by pancreatic cancer.

How will the work benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer?

At Pancreatic Cancer UK, people affected by pancreatic cancer are at the heart of what we do and therefore, we believe that it is vitally important to have their input when deciding which research projects to fund. By providing your feedback, you can allow us to ensure that we fund projects where the patients’ needs come first, both during the research and in the prospective outcomes.

Who can take up this opportunity?

Any member of the Research Involvement Network can volunteer to be one of our lay reviewers.

What next/who to contact:

If you are interested in taking part, please get in contact with the Research Team (