Complete a survey: The need, usability, and potential extensions to an app that personalises treatment options for individuals

Complete a survey to give your insights on the need, usability, and potential extensions to an app that presents personalised treatment options for individuals

The project

Shared decision making is a process that allows both a person and their healthcare professional to work together to reach a joint decision about the person’s care. This allows an estimation to be made of the likely benefits and harms of undergoing different treatments. However, currently, this conventional method estimates treatment effects based on single characteristics (e.g. gender) and does not take into consideration other characteristics which are important when looking at this personalised treatment effect.

Professor Kurinchi Gurusamy and his team at University College London have developed an app that can calculate and present the personalised treatment effects. This app can allow easy customisation to different diseases, patient and healthcare provider characteristics.

Kurinchi would like you to complete a survey to find out more about the need, usability and potential extensions for this app and to ask for your insights on whether this app would be useful to you as part of shared decision making in healthcare.

Next steps

RIN members who would like to complete this survey will be given access to this app. However, it is important to note that the purpose of this application is for it to be used by individuals with their healthcare professional and not alone.

If you are interested in completing this survey, please contact the Research Team ( with your details, quoting the reference “Kurinchi’s Survey”.