Research Involvement Network opportunity: Review applications for the Research Innovation Fund

Type of opportunity

In October’s bulletin, members of the Research Involvement Network were invited by researchers to review and comment on the lay summaries for their Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Innovation Fund (RIF) proposals before they were submitted for funding.

Researchers will submit their applications on 10th November 2020 and Pancreatic Cancer UK are now inviting members of the Research Involvement Network to be a part of the peer review process which helps the charity to make decisions on what research we should fund.

About the Research Innovation Fund

One of the ways in which we hope to drive progress is through our Research Innovation Fund.  These awards support pilot work that are high risk but high reward – and will put the researchers in a better position to apply for larger grants to take their work to the next exciting stage.

The Research Innovation Fund scheme is rigorously reviewed on the basis of genuine innovation underpinned by sound research methods delivered by world class expertise. It can focus on any area of research relevant to people with pancreatic cancer.

What will I have to do as a reviewer?

As a Lay peer reviewer for Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Research Innovation Fund, you will be asked to:

  • Read no more than 4-5 applications for research funding received by Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Assess applications from the perspective of someone affected by pancreatic cancer and on the basis of relevance to pancreatic cancer
  • Complete a Word document review form on a computer, to provide comments and an overall score for each application based on whether or not you feel the research should be funded by the charity.

You will be sent further guidance documents with review criteria and a template form in order to complete your review. The Research Team at Pancreatic Cancer UK will also be on hand throughout the process to provide any support you need.

When will this opportunity be taking place?

The review process will start in November and reviews will need to be completed by Monday 25th January 2021.

Who can take up this opportunity?

Any member of the Research Involvement Network who isn’t already a member of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Any members of the Network that commented on lay summaries for the Research Innovation Fund via the opportunity in October’s bulletin are still very welcome to get involved with the review process. This just means that you will not be able to review any applications that you have already been involved with. The Research Team can advise further on this.

What steps will be taken to ensure that information about participants is stored and used in compliance with the provisions outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the personal and other data you submit with your reviews will be processed by Pancreatic Cancer UK, and held on computerised databases and manual files. Your reviews will be shared with members of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Scientific Advisory Board as part of the review process. Review comments will be anonymised before being sent to applicants. Read our full privacy policy.

What next/who to contact:

Please contact the Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Team as soon as possible if you are interested in reviewing the applications or have any questions about this opportunity.