Research Involvement Network opportunity: Test an online information tool to support people with advanced pancreatic cancer

Type of opportunity
Members of the Research Involvement Network are invited to test an online information tool that has been developed during this research study.

Participants are requested to use the online tool to complete a simple task and following this, they will then be asked to complete a survey about the usefulness of the online tool. The test can be done from a computer with access to the internet.

About the study

This is a PhD research study exploring the potential of using an interactive, web-based information tool to assist people with advanced pancreatic cancer during the process of choosing the treatment most appropriate for them based on their individual preferences.

The website has been developed and is currently being tested. Initial results are encouraging. Unlike other websites, this online information tool is specific to advanced pancreatic cancer and is tailored to provide answers in a simple and clear manner. It plays a complementary role to other major websites by providing summary comparisons of treatment outcomes from clinical trials. These treatment outcomes include survival, side effects, and quality of life.

How will the study benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer?

This study could lead to the development of an online information tool (website) to assist patients and healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about the appropriate kind of treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer. It is designed to give a sense of support and control to patients and their relatives during the difficult time following diagnosis.

The information tool can potentially provide psychological support for patients and their relatives through conversations about what matters to them in relation to the extent to which the available options can meet their expectations. It is believed that being aware of potential treatment benefits and side effects can reassure patients and relatives of the journey ahead.

Who is undertaking the study?

Ejike T. Ezeh, Postgraduate Researcher, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bournemouth University

Who is funding the study?

Funded by Bournemouth University (BU) and Robert White Legacy Fund at Dorset Cancer Centre (University Hospitals Dorset)

When will this opportunity be taking place?

Testing of the online tool must be completed by no later than 15 December 2020.

Who can take up this opportunity?

Participants can be patients diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, or their relatives; they must be adults (18 or over). The patients can be any one of the following: (1) currently considering treatment options, (2)those who have started treatment, or (3) those who have opted for no treatment and are managing the symptoms.

The relatives or those who support the patients are also invited to take part.

Other participants include medical oncologists, upper gastrointestinal clinical nurse specialists, palliative care nurses.

All prospective participants should have the capacity to give consent.

What steps will be taken to ensure that information about participants is stored and used in compliance with the provisions outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Personal information of participants will be destroyed after data collection.

Secure storage lockers and password-protected computers at Bournemouth University. will be used to store and process any data collected.

Data will be anonymised before data analysis.

What next/who to contact:
Please contact Ejike Ezeh if you would like to test the tool and complete the survey.