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Right now, doctors have no simple way of spotting pancreatic cancer early enough for treatment.

The symptoms are often vague and there’s no test. Shockingly, half of all people diagnosed die within 3 months.

But we’re nearer than ever before to a breakthrough. The earlier the diagnosis, the more lives saved.

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Help fund early diagnosis research. Together we could give thousands of families more time with their loved ones.

Declan Whyte in the research lab at The Beatson Institute in Glasgow, Scotland.

Being diagnosed early could have saved my son’s life.

“Robert should be living his life with his family and friends. But unfortunately, Robert isn’t here. His pancreatic cancer was diagnosed too late. He died at the age of 26, four months after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Robert spent years going back and forth to the doctors. He was exhausted and in constant pain. But it was only after we took him to A&E yet again, that he was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

I’ll never forget the look of terror in his eyes as he asked how long he’d got. It was his birthday. And our lives changed forever on that day.

I’ll always remember what Robert’s specialist said to me. “I can’t bear to see him suffering,” the doctor said crying. “I can’t save him, I can’t save him, we just got him too late.”

And that’s the thing. If Robert had been diagnosed earlier, he would have had more treatment options, or even the chance to be cured through surgery. But he wasn’t – and like so many others – his life was wasted by pancreatic cancer.

Please help change the outcome for others like Robert. Please give a gift today.”

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Late diagnosis is one of the biggest issues in pancreatic cancer but we’re investing in ground-breaking research to change this.

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