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What are meaningful outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients?

Help researchers at the University of Manchester design their study - and improve it for patients

What are the researchers hoping to achieve?: Researchers at the University of Manchester are hoping to carry out a wide-ranging survey of pancreatic cancer patients next year, to understand their views on diagnosis, treatments given, patient’s goals and meaningful outcomes. Before they do this, they need RIN members to help them design the study.

What will volunteers be asked to do?: Research Involvement Network members would have the opportunity to comment on draft patient documentation and help word survey questions, providing feedback to ensure that the study is designed in the best way possible.

How do I get involved?: If you would like to help, contact Nile Amos at Pancreatic Cancer UK. He will then send you the relevant documents via email. You will be able to comment on the proposal at home using your computer, and then send your comments back via email again. 

E: nile.amos@pancreaticcancer.org.uk