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Can you advise a study to understand advice around enzymes?

Lay study title: What do patients with pancreatic cancer need to take pancreatic enzymes?
Institution: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham

About the study: Researchers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital would like patients to review a set of questions which will be put to patients, to understand what advice patients need about taking supplementary pancreatic enzymes. Your input as a patient representative will be used to inform a Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship and National Institute of Health Research application.
You have the opportunity to provide feedback on a draft questionnaire designed to understand the support and information need of patients, who require pancreatic enzymes due to pancreatic exocrine insufficiency before or after surgery for pancreatic cancer.

The objective of getting patient input on the questionnaire is to help ensure that the questionnaire will be practical and clinically relevant for future patients to take part.

When will this opportunity be recruiting/taking place?: You are welcome to take part from February 2018.

What will participants be asked to do?: If you are happy to review the set of questions, this will be sent to you via email. You will then be welcome to make comments and provide feedback in a Word document, based on some questions sent to you, by an agreed deadline.

Who can take part?: Patients who are taking pancreatic enzymes due to pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.

Who is conducting the research?: Ruth Chinuck, Project Lead, Clinical Lead for Dietetics, University Hospitals Birmingham

How will the study benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer?: Your input may make the survey questions more accessible, practical and clinically relevant for future participants in the study.

What next/who to contact: To take part, please contact Nile who will send you relevant documentation.