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Feedback on a funding application to conduct a review of treatments currently being developed for pancreatic cancer

Type of opportunity

Members of the Research Involvement Network are invited to contribute to discussion as part of a focus group. Focus groups will be conducted virtually, via Zoom video conferencing and should last no longer than 90 minutes. 

If you prefer not to take part in a focus group there is also an opportunity to complete an online survey alongside a plain english summary of the project that should be read beforehand.

About the study

Professor Kurinchi would like feedback on a grant application to perform a review of the different treatments for resectable pancreas and periampullary cancer and non-resectable pancreatic cancer.

He will search the medical literature and publications thoroughly for existing studies on this topic (‘systematic review’). Whilst conducting this search, he will use advanced methods that allow us to compare many different treatments at the same time (a ‘network meta-analysis’). This research will identify treatments most likely to benefit people with pancreatic cancer.

Who is drafting the proposal and leading the focus group?

Professor Kurinchi Gurusamy, Professor of Evidence-based Medicine and Surgery, University College London

When will this opportunity be taking place?

Please express your interest by no later than 4th September 2020.

The focus group will be held in September 2020. Dates will be decided once participants have been confirmed.

The deadline for returning the survey will be the end of September 2020.

Who can take up this opportunity?

This opportunity is aimed at anyone who has been affected by pancreatic cancer.

How will the study benefit people affected by pancreatic cancer?

The study is aimed at identifying all the existing research to find the best treatment for pancreatic cancer. The work will identify the gaps in evidence and allow researchers to focus on addressing unanswered questions on pancreatic cancer treatment rather than duplicating existing work, which is wasteful and limits progress. Ultimately, the study is aimed at helping to ensure that in the future, patients with pancreatic cancer have a greater range of treatment options and survive longer with a better quality of life. 

What steps will be taken to ensure that information about participants is stored and used in compliance with the provisions outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The focus groups will be recorded and notes made. Recordings and survey results will be stored on a password protected computer with access only to the researchers running the project and Pancreatic Cancer UK research team. Recordings will be deleted once notes are finalised. Any personal or identifiable details shared within the interview will be taken out when notes are made.  The recordings will only be used for the purposes of this project, this may include the use of anonymised quotes. 

What next/who to contact:

Please email your expressions of interest to attend the focus group to Pancreatic Cancer UK's Research Team. 

If you would prefer to complete the online survey instead, please fill in your responses.