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Review applications for Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Future Leaders Academy 2019

What is the Future Leader’s Academy? A total of up to £625,000 is available for the Future Leader’s Academy for 2019. This funding will be used to support a group of at least five PhD students to undertake research focusing on pancreatic cancer in one organisation or a group of strongly linked, collaborative institutions.

What will participants be asked to do? We are looking for members of the Research Involvement Network to carry out peer reviews of applications submitted to Pancreatic Cancer UK for funding. You will be asked to comment on and critique the applications from the perspective of someone with lived experience of pancreatic cancer and not from a technical point of view. Some of the things you may comment on are how beneficial the outcomes of the research will be to people with pancreatic cancer, how clear the lay summary is for each application and whether you think that funding the application would be a good investment for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

You will be asked to review no more than 3-4 applications (or less if you are unable to review this many) and full guidance notes and review templates will be provided. The Research Team will also be on hand to answer any questions or provide you with further guidance throughout the review period.

Who can take part? Anyone who has been effected by pancreatic cancer in some way. 

When will this opportunity take place? Applications will be emailed to all peer reviewers in early august. The deadline for returning completed reviews is Monday 14th October 2019.

What next/who to contact? If you are interested in signing up to this opportunity or have any further questions regarding it please email research@pancreaticcancer.org.uk as soon as possible and no later than Friday 16th August.