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Share your thoughts on the use of electronic health records in pancreatic cancer research

Type of opportunity

Members of the Research Involvement Network are asked to complete a short survey on the research study below and its use of electronic health records.

About the study

Bart’s Cancer Institute is designing a research project on pancreatic cancer. The project aims to evaluate known risk factors of pancreatic cancer, and identify novel ones, in a multi-ethnic population of East London. The research will contribute to identifying a high-risk population of potential pancreatic cancer patients for targeted screening. This could speed up diagnosis and further down the line, facilitate the development of targeted treatments for pancreatic cancer. The success of the project will open the door for conducting the study on a national scale.

A key aspect of this project is accessing the patients’ healthcare information without their explicit consent to achieve the research objectives. The project therefore requires a second layer of approval from the NHS Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG). We want to gather patient and public opinion on this research and its use of electronic health records. The survey results will be combined to provide a representation of patient and public opinion for consideration by the CAG.

Who is conducting the research?

Dr Dayem Ullah is leading the research team at Bart's Cancer Institute.

When is the deadline for this opportunity?

Surveys should be completed and returned by Monday 7th October.

Who can take up this opportunity?

Anyone affected by pancreatic cancer. 

What next/who to contact:

If you have queries about the opportunity or would like to complete the survey, please contact Dr Dayem Ullah by email or call 020 7882 3831.