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By sharing our video far and wide at the end of January 2014 you helped to start a nationwide conversation about pancreatic cancer. We achieved over 20,000 views and lots of conversations in a very short space of time!

You can still share and tweet this video and help us make some noise and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.

It's the 5th most common cause of cancer death and is predicted to overtake breast cancer as the fourth largest cancer killer in the UK* AND YET people are unaware of their pancreas, or what it does. We want to change that, and need your help to do it. Share and tweet now, and help us kick up a fuss about pancreatic cancer! 

Find out more about pancreatic cancer: 

Want to know what a pancreas does? Not sure where yours is? Here are some Facts About Pancreatic Cancer.


*by 2030 - Cancer Research UK mortality projections for selected cancers