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Bake a Difference

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Thank you to everyone who took part in Bake a Difference 2016 during November, what a talented bunch of bakers you are!

Still want to get involved?

You can still hold a Bake a Difference event and you'll recieve all the support of the Bake a Difference team and access to our celebrity recipes. 

Request your fundraising pack!

To see what our supporters have been up to head over to our Facebook page and check out our Bake a Difference photo album.

Bake A Difference

Don't forget the final step is to pay in your fundraising (and don't forget to write 'Bake a Difference' in the reason for your donation field.)

Other ways to send your fundrasing to us

By post: Send a cheque payable to Pancreatic Cancer UK, include your name and be sure to say it's from your Bake a Difference event.

By phone: Call our fundraising team on 020 3780 5672 to pay your fundrasing in by card.

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