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Our awards

We understand that our volunteers and supporters tirelessly give their time to help people affected by pancreatic cancer. Their time, passion and generosity help us on all levels - from fundraising to campaigning.

In 2018, we presented awards to three of our fantastic supporters. Find out more about them below. We also presented awards to two health professionals.

Purple Star Outstanding Contribution Award

James FarrellJames Farrell, from Birmingham, was presented the Purple Star Outstanding Contribution Award for the exceptional work he has done to date in memory of his father Peter, who he lost to the disease in 2013.

James has shown continued commitment and enthusiasm by giving up much of his time volunteering with the charity and being actively involved in its lobbying work. He is determined that people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are able to spend more time with their loved ones.

James said: “It is humbling to receive this award. Supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK in my father’s memory is a privilege and to be recognised in this way is really special, for me and my family.

“The dire statistics associated with pancreatic cancer need to change and I am determined to do whatever I can to ensure our story is the exception rather than the rule. I had no idea what pancreatic cancer was before it devastated our lives. If we’d known the symptoms, who knows, maybe our story would be different.”

Fundraising Award

Alex Webb12-year-old Alex Webb from Bosham was presented a Fundraising Award for the outstanding work he has done to date in memory of his grandma who he lost to the disease.

Alex, with help from his younger brother Ben, has raised more than £1,000 over the past five years through his own fundraising initiatives including; home-made biscuit sales, car washing, as well as the design, making and selling of Pancreatic Cancer UK inspired bracelets and flip-flops.

Alex said: “I knew I had been shortlisted, but I had no idea I was winning the award. There are some amazing fundraisers out there who have done a lot for the charity in the past, so I was a bit shocked when they called my name – it was a really great surprise!

“I’m having a think at the moment about the next fundraising project I’m going to undertake. I’m going to be cheering on my Dad this summer as he’s doing Ride London to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.”

Awareness Award

Homeward BoundLesley Goodburn from Stoke-on-Trent, was presented an Awareness Award for the outstanding work she has done in memory of her husband Seth, who she lost to the disease in 2014.

Before he died, Seth asked Lesley to share the story of their journey through terminal pancreatic cancer so that it might help others in the future. To fulfil his wish, Lesley created Purple Rainbow, a community which raises awareness, fundraises and provides support to people affected by pancreatic cancer both online and across Staffordshire.

Lesley said: “I am so happy to have won this award, it is lovely to be recognised for the awareness raising work that has been done in memory of Seth. I am proud to support Pancreatic Cancer UK, who work tirelessly to help people affected by pancreatic cancer.

“Raising awareness is so important both for health care professionals and the public as signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer can often be very vague. The more awareness we can raise, the more chance we have of getting people to surgery for curative treatment – an option that was not available for Seth.” 

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