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Volunteering FAQs

Volunteering FaqsPancreatic cancer is tough. So are our supporters. 

We’ve put together a list of questions that we hope will be helpful if you’re considering volunteering with Pancreatic Cancer UK.  If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, please email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Why should I volunteer with PCUK?

We know there are lots of amazing causes that you can choose to support, and lots of different reasons why people are interested in volunteering.  So thank you for being interested in us!  

Pancreatic Cancer UK’s volunteers and supporters are at the heart of everything we do.  Pancreatic cancer is tough, but we can take it on together.  With the support of our volunteers, we can all make a much bigger difference than any of us could on our own, transforming the future for people affected by pancreatic cancer. 

No matter how much time you have to give, Pancreatic Cancer UK has some amazing volunteering opportunities that might be the perfect fit.

Do I need to have had a personal experience of pancreatic cancer in order to support you?

Not at all - if you’re passionate about our cause, and want to improve the lives of people affected by pancreatic cancer, we have lots of roles that might suit you.  

If you have had a personal experience of this cancer, whether that’s as a patient, friend or family member of someone with pancreatic cancer, we also have some additional roles where your support would make a huge difference.  You can read more about these Involvement Opportunities here.

What types of things do you need help with?

We have a number of different volunteer roles – you can help us raise awareness in your local area, support us at events, fundraise for us, help us campaign for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer, support researchers, review our publications, and much more.  For details of all of our current involvement and volunteer opportunities click here.  

I’ve just noticed that your head office is in London – can I still volunteer with you even if I don’t live there?

Absolutely!  Although Pancreatic Cancer UK’s head office is in London, we know how important it is that we have a regional profile across the UK, and have lots of volunteer roles in these regions.  Pancreatic cancer can affect anyone, and we need volunteers from all corners of the UK to help us raise awareness.

Do you have any paid roles?

All of our volunteer roles are unpaid, although we do pay some reasonable expenses so you’re not left out of pocket.  We sometimes have staff vacancies available at our London office or in regional locations around the UK – visit our vacancies page for details of any current opportunities.

What support will PCUK give me in my role?  

We will do everything we can to make sure your time volunteering with us is as rewarding as possible.  Depending on the role you are interested in, you will receive an induction pack and in some cases training in order to support you in your role.  You’ll have a named contact within the charity that you can contact with any queries, as well as the support of other Pancreatic Cancer UK volunteers you meet along the way.  

Do you pay expenses?

Yes, Pancreatic Cancer UK will reimburse you for all reasonable expenses you incur whilst volunteering for us, such as travel and lunch.  As part of your induction pack, we’ll send you a copy of our volunteering policy and expenses claim form which gives you more details on what costs we can cover.     

I have a criminal record – can I still volunteer with you?

It depends on the volunteer role you are interested in, and the details of the criminal record.  Pancreatic Cancer UK will make a decision on a case by case basis, and if there aren’t any suitable opportunities with us we will try and put you in touch with other national organisations that can help you to find a volunteering role. 

VolunteeringCan I volunteer if I’m under 18?

The majority of our volunteer roles are unfortunately only available for over 18s, due to our insurance policy.  

If you’re under 18 and would like to support us, you can still make a huge difference by fundraising for us – you can find more information on our fundraising opportunities here.

If you’re under 18 and are interested in volunteering more generally, we’d suggest you look at Vinspired as they specialise in youth volunteering opportunities.

How much time will I have to give?

It varies depending on which role you are interested in, but generally speaking all of our roles are flexible and you’ll be able to fit them in around your other commitments.  Some of our volunteers might help us at events one or two times a year, whereas others might take part in more regular activities with the charity.  Whatever amount of time you can spare, you’ll be making a huge difference.

Whenever you apply for a role, we’ll make sure we let you know how much time will be involved so that you can make the right decision for you.   

I’m not sure I have the time to volunteer with you right now – is there any other way I can support you?

Absolutely – anything you can do to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and the support we provide will make a huge difference. There are lots of ways you can raise awareness and spread the word via these quick links.

If now’s not the right time to volunteer, you can still join PCUK Together so we can keep in touch and let you know of any upcoming opportunities to get involved.  

You’ve answered all of my questions! How do I sign up?

Thank you for your support!  You can complete the application process for your preferred volunteer role or email us at getinvolved@pancreaticcancer.org.uk and we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps.