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Upcoming conferences for pancreatic cancer health professionals and researchers

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Below is a list of events relevant to health professionals with an interest in pancreatic cancer.

ASGBI International Surgical Congress

7th - 9th May 2019 | Telford

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Pancreatic Cancer Symposium

9th - 10th May 2019 | Cambridge

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Pancreas Cancer 2020

14th - 17th May 2019 | Erlangen, Germany

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1st National Intra Operative Electron Radiotherapy (IOERT) Symposium

21st June 2019 | Southampton

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International Conference on Cancer & Oncotherapy

24th - 26th June 2019 | Paris, France

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51st Meeting of the Eurpoean Pancreatic Club

26th - 29th June 2019 | Bergen, Norway

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Peri-operative Precision Radiation therapy meeting

27th June 2019 | Manchester

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ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer 2019

3rd - 6th July 2019 | Barcelona

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ECCO 2019 European Cancer Care Summit

12th - 14th September 2019 | Brussells

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UKIEUS Annual Meeting 2019

26th - 27th September 2019 | Cambridge

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Pancreas 2019, World Congress on Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Disease

23rd - 24th October 2019 | Tokyo

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UKONS Annual Conference 2019

22nd - 23rd November 2019 | Telford

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The NCRI Cancer Conference

3rd - 5th November 2019

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