Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Network

Join pancreatic cancer specialists from across the UK to collaborate, problem solve, consensus build and develop best practice in pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.

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  • Work with clinical peers to shape, consensus build and deliver the changes needed in key areas of treatment and care in the UK
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Where the PCC Network began

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had an enormous impact on the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer but created numerous challenges for health professionals working on the disease, with expertise and resources being diverted to treating the virus and the additional threat of vulnerable patients catching coronavirus during treatment. It has meant having to learn a whole new way to take on pancreatic cancer.

In April 2020, seeing an opportunity to support the clinical community, Pancreatic Cancer UK helped to galvanize members to ensure they were learning from and supporting each other as the virus spread. A network of 289 pancreatic cancer specialists were brought together to share ideas and best practice through the Pancreatic Cancer during COVID-19 Network (as it was formally known).

Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna, an oncologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“The sheer number of participants and breadth of uptake from the UK is incredible. I think it’s heartening to see the community galvanised to face this challenge.”

Watch the interview below with Ganesh and Chris Macdonald, Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Head of Research.

The PCC Network: Bringing pancreatic cancer experts together

Where the PCC Network is now

Since the network’s inception, it has been incredible to see how the pancreatic clinical community has pulled together on a national scale working tirelessly to maintain treatment and care during the pandemic. We plan to continue this collaborative momentum during this second wave, as well as in a post-pandemic environment to tackle some of the major issues in pancreatic cancer on this national scale.

In September we ran a focus group with members of the network to determine the future of the PCC Network. There was agreement that there is currently a gap that the PCC Network would be well placed to fill in providing a dedicated forum to discuss, problem solve and consensus build on key areas of clinical delivery where there is a current lack of agreement and/or evidence in the community.


PCC Network steering committee

The steering committee was established in October 2020 to build, lead and drive the strategic direction of the PCC Network. The committee is responsible for setting and developing the initiatives and activities of the network and each committee member will represent the network within their region, field and/or affiliations.

Steering committee members

  • Dr Pippa Corrie, Consultant & Associate Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (East of England)
  • Dr Arvind Arora, Consultant Medical Oncologist & Honorary Associate Professor, University Hospitals of Nottingham NHS Trust & University of Nottingham (East Midlands)
  • Professor Kito Fusai, Consultant Surgeon, Royal Free Hospital (London)
  • Professor Steve Pereira, Professor of Hepatology & Gastroenterology, University College London (London)
  • Dr Andrew Millar, Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, North Middlesex University Hospital (London)
  • Mr Mark Taylor, Consultant HPB Surgeon, Mater Hospital (Northern Ireland)
  • Dr Kofi Oppong, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Freeman Hospital (North East)
  • Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, The Christie Hospital (North West)
  • Professor Juan Valle, Professor & Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, University of Manchester & The Christie Hospital (North West)
  • Professor Daniel Palmer, Medical Oncologist, University of Liverpool (North West)
  • Professor Paula Ghaneh, Professor of Surgery, University of Liverpool (North West)
  • Mr Nigel Jamieson, Pancreatic Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Scotland)
  • Mr David Chang, Consultant Pancreatic Surgeon, University of Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Ms Anya Adair, Transplant/HPB Consultant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Mr Ali Arshad, Consultant HPB Surgeon, University Hospital Southampton (South East)
  • Mr Somaiah Aroori, Consultant Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgeon, Derriford Hospital (South West)
  • Dr Stephen Falk, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, University Hospitals Bristol (South West)
  • Dr Seema Arif, Consultant Oncologist, Velindre Cancer Centre (Wales)
  • Mr Keith Roberts, Consultant Liver Transplant & HPB Surgeon, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (West Midlands)
  • Mr Alastair Young, Consultant Pancreatic Surgeon, St James’s University Hospital Leeds (Yorkshire)

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