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We provide dedicated support and information services for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer. All our information is reviewed by health professionals and people affected by pancreatic cancer.

Our information is available free of charge. Please complete the order form below. You can also email us at publications@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

We aim to process orders within five working days. For information about how we use your data, please read our privacy policy.

We can provide our information in large print, audio and braille formats if your patients require this.

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Newly diagnosed pack

Our newly diagnosed pack is for people recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It can be tailored to your patient’s individual needs. The standard pack contains for following publications, but you can swap publications, depending on your patient's diagnosis:

  • Pancreatic Cancer: An overview of diagnosis and treatment
  • Diet and pancreatic cancer
  • Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: Information for families and carers
  • Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer
  • Stents and bypass surgery for pancreatic cancer
  • We're here for you leaflet about the support we provide
  • Patient charter: What you should expect from your care
  • Information about our Clinical Trial Finder



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