Our app for your patients

How can our app help your patients?

We know your priority is ensuring your patients get the best care and support possible – Medli can help you do that. 

Medli enables patients to: 

  • log their medication and appointments all in one place, to help them stay on top of things
  • track their symptoms and side effects, providing them with a tool to monitor what they are experiencing
  • find information and support tailored to the stage they are at in their diagnosis.

Medli can help you to have more informed conversations when planning the next steps for their care.

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Please tell your patients to download the Medli app for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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Medli is the winner of: New Health Tech Innovation of the Year 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Medli support people with pancreatic cancer?

We know that a pancreatic cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Medli is designed to make a diagnosis easier to navigate by providing personalised support and tailored information.  

Medli can help people with pancreatic cancer keep track of appointments and medications, allowing them to set reminders. It can track their symptoms and side effects which can help to inform conversations with healthcare teams. It can also tailor information to the stage they are at, highlighting what should be happening, questions they may want to ask and informing them about what support is available. 

How can Medli support friends and family members of someone who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?

Friends and family can use Medli in two ways:

  • They can register as a Friend/Family/Carer and use the app to input data and information relating to the person they are supporting. Medli can help them manage all the appointments and medications that might need to be organised, allowing them to set reminders to help them stay on top of things. It will help them to track symptoms and side effects on behalf of the person they are caring for which can help to inform conversations they are having with healthcare teams. It can also tailor information to the stage their loved one is at, highlighting what should be happening, questions they may want to ask and letting them know what support is available.
  • Or if the person they are supporting is using Medli already, they can register as an Invitee and be invited to share the account. They can then be allowed to either view or edit the data that has been entered.

What are the different types of account you can have?

When you first open Medli, you’ll work through a series of registration questions. This will include what type of account you want.

  • Register as a Patient if you have pancreatic cancer
  • Register as a Friend/Family/Carer if you are using the app on behalf of a loved one and you will be the one inputting their data
  • Register as an Invitee if you are getting the app so that your loved one can show you what they themselves are entering

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download and use. 

Can I use Medli if I don’t have a smart phone?

Yes, there is a web version of Medli that you can access here.

Will my patients benefit from Medli if they already use other apps to monitor their health?

When someone downloads Medli and affiliates to Pancreatic Cancer UK, they will be provided with information and support that has been put together by pancreatic cancer experts. Whilst other apps offer the ability to monitor an individual’s health, Medli is unique because it is tailored specifically for people affected by pancreatic cancer.

How do I ask further questions about Medli?

You can contact us by emailing medli@pancreaticcancer.org.uk  

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Pancreatic Cancer UK in conjunction with Medli Health Ltd