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A phase 3 trial to compare gemcitabine alone with gemcitabine and capecitabine together after surgery to remove cancer of the pancreas (ESPAC-4)

Full title: ESPAC-4: Combination versus single agent chemotherapy in resectable pancreatic cancer

Why is this trial being carried out?

Previous trials have found that giving chemotherapy after surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer may help to prevent or delay the cancer coming back.

For patients who are fit enough following their surgery, gemcitabine chemotherapy may be offered as a standard treatment. Gemcitabine is a type of chemotherapy drug that is often used to treat advanced pancreatic cancer but in this situation it is being used to reduce the risk of the cancer returning after surgical removal.

This trial is looking at whether adding an additional chemotherapy drug, capecitabine, to gemcitabine chemotherapy treatment can improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment. The trial will also look at the side effects of this combined treatment.

Who is the trial suitable for?

This trial is suitable for patients who have had surgery to remove pancreatic or ampullary cancer within the last 12 weeks where the surgeon was able to remove the cancer completely. Patients also need to have recovered well from the surgery. Your doctor(s) will explain these any other requirements to join the trial.

Recruitment start date: October 2008

Recruitment end date: December 2018

Information Standard

Published April 2016

Review date December 2018