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Tips for coping with a dry mouth

Some treatments for pancreatic cancer can cause a dry mouth. You may find these tips for dealing with a dry mouth helpful. 

  • Sip drinks frequently.
  • Suck ice cubes or ice lollies.
  • Suck sweets or mints, or chew sugar-free chewing gum to increase saliva.
  • Make your food moist with sauces, gravy, custard or cream.
  • Keep your mouth clean. Brushing your teeth before and after meals might help.
  • Use mouthwashes regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

There are also some prescription products available to help with a dry mouth. These include artificial saliva sprays (for example AS Saliva Orthana® or Glandosane® sprays), saliva stimulating tablets, and the Biotene® range of products (which include toothpaste, mouthwash and gel). Ask your medical team whether these might help.

If your mouth is sore, ask your doctor or nurse to check to make sure you don’t have oral thrush. This can usually be easily treated.

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Updated November 2017

To be reviewed November 2019

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