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Tips for coping with nausea and vomiting

Feeling and being sick (nausea and vomiting) can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer, or a side effect of some treatments, such as chemotherapy.

  • Nausea is often worse when the stomach's empty – even eating a little dry toast may help.
  • Try eating plain foods, for example, toast, bread and biscuits.
  • If the smell of food makes you feel sick, avoid strong smelling foods.
  • Try eating cold foods, which smell less than cooked food.
  • If the smell of food cooking makes you feel sick, ask someone to cook for you, use ready meals, or get takeaways.
  • Try sipping cold fizzy drinks between meals – it may help to let them go flat first.
  • Try salty foods, such as crisps and salted nuts.
  • Try food or drink containing ginger, such as ginger ale and ginger biscuits.
  • Eat meals slowly, and try to sit upright for an hour after you’ve eaten.
  • Remember to drink plenty so that you don’t get dehydrated, especially if you are being sick. Try to have nutritious drinks, such as milk, milkshakes, fruit juice, smoothies and soup.          

If you are having problems with feeling and being sick, speak to your medical team. There are several anti-sickness medications available that can help. If one type of medication doesn’t work, try a different type, or a combination of drugs. 

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Updated November 2017

To be reviewed November 2019

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