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What if the enzymes don't help?

If your symptoms don’t improve, the most likely reason is that the dose of pancreatic enzyme supplements is too low, so the dose may need to be increased. You may also need to change the brand or type of enzyme supplement.

Sometimes, the enzymes don’t work because of acid from the stomach. It’s normal for the stomach to produce acid. But too much acid in your bowel can stop the enzyme supplements working. Medicines called proton pump inhibitors (for example, omeprazole or lansoprazole) or H2 antagonists (for example, ranitidine) can reduce the amount of acid your stomach produces, and make the enzymes more effective.

Your symptoms can also be caused by other things. If they don’t improve, speak to your doctor, nurse or dietitian.  You can also call our specialist nurses.

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Updated November 2017

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