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The Pancreatic Cancer Survivors Group UK are a unique group of people who are supporting one another through their survival of pancreatic cancer. The group, which was set up by its members, all understand the importance of being able to talk to and get support from others who really know what they are going through. There is always someone there to offer support as the group share their joys and woes, celebrate and commiserate together.

How does the group work?

The group predominately support one another on a private Facebook group. The group are free to post without concern that the ‘wider world’ can see it and there is always someone who will write back to posts, day or night. Some members might also decide to communicate outside of the Facebook group and offer support over the telephone or by meeting up.

There are currently 38 members in the group and all of those are keen to involve and welcome new people to the group. The group are based across the UK which can make meeting up a little more challenging, however the online support has been invaluable in ensuring people can be connected.

Who organises the group?

Julie SimperJulie Simper, with some support from Pancreatic Cancer UK, is the group coordinator. Julie was diagnosed in 2009, at the age of 39, with a rare type of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour. Doctors were able to operate successfully and following this Julie looked to Macmillan Cancer Support for support. A real turning point for Julie was when she had the opportunity to attend an event organised jointly by Macmillan Cancer Support and Pancreatic Cancer UK. It was following this day that the Pancreatic Cancer Survivors Group UK was born. You can read more about the group in our May 2016 newsletter.

Julie will accept requests for people to join the Facebook group and organise the weekend meetings twice a year.

When will the group meet?

The group meet twice a year, normally around April and October. Julie will always consult the group on suitable dates to try and ensure as many people as possible can attend the meet up. We will always update this page when we have confirmed dates.

How can I join the group?

You can join the group by following the link to their Facebook page or searching for the Pancreatic Cancer Survivors Group UK on Facebook. Once on the page, if you click ‘join group’ then Julie will get in touch with you and ask for a little bit more information about you before you join.