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NICE guideline 6: Managing diet and pancreatic cancer

6.1 If you have pancreatic cancer that can’t be removed with surgery, you should be offered pancreatic enzyme supplements  such as Creon® or Pancrease® to manage problems with diet and digestion.

6.2 If you are having surgery to remove pancreatic cancer, your doctor should assess whether you need pancreatic enzyme supplements  before and after your surgery.

6.3 Fish oil supplements shouldn’t be used to help manage weight loss for people with inoperable pancreatic cancer. 

There has been some research looking at fish oil supplements for managing weight loss, but there is no evidence that it works.

6.4 If you have had a Whipple’s operation or pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy and are able to eat, you should be given food soon after the operation. You should have food either orally (by mouth) or through a feeding tube, rather than through a tube into a vein (parenteral feeding).

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Information Standard

Published: August 2018

Review date: August 2020