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Coping with pancreatic cancer pain

There is support available to help you cope with pancreatic cancer pain. Getting help for pain early on can help you to cope better. Pain can affect your mood. For example, you may feel worried about being in pain, have trouble eating or sleeping, or find it hard to concentrate.

The amount of pain you have  doesn’t always mean that the cancer is growing. It’s really important to tell your medical team about any changes to your pain, so they can make sure you have the right dose of pain relief.

People with pancreatic cancer may be more likely to have depression. Getting depression diagnosed and treated may help you cope with pain by helping you to feel more in control and better able to ask for help.

If you are struggling at all, speak to your medical team. They can answer your questions, find ways to manage the pain and help you deal with it. You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line.

How can I help myself?

There are things you can do at home to distract yourself from pain or help you feel better about yourself. You could try reading a book, watching television or listening to music. Chatting to family and friends may also help. And you could try complementary therapies – some people find these help them deal with pain.

Read more about different ways to cope with pancreatic cancer and the support available – these might help you cope with pain.

Questions to ask

  • What can I do myself to help with pain?
  • Where can I get support to help me cope?
  • Are there any local support groups I could join?
  • Would counselling be helpful for me?


Published October 2016

To be reviewed October 2018

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