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Chemotherapy stories

  • Dean's experience of chemotherapy after surgery

    25 October 2018

    Dean was diagnosed with an ampullary carcinoma when he was 41. He had the Whipple's procedure and is now sharing his experience of having chemotherapy after surgery.

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  • Maggie's chemotherapy story

    4 April 2018

    Maggie, 70, was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in September 2016 and underwent chemotherapy.

    On 11th October I was told by my specialist nurse that I could not have surgery as the cancer had spread to the liver and it was a difficult operation anyway. I would have chemotherapy and would get more and more tired and weak rather than pain and side effects. Massive shock.

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  • Victor's experience of Gemcitabine and Capecitabine

    19 November 2015

    Victor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 25th May 2011 when he was experiencing persistent discomfort in his abdomen. Referral followed to a specialist who confirmed his condition.

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