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Victor's experience of Gemcitabine and Capecitabine

Posted by: Victor 19 November 2015

VictorI was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 25th May 2011 when I was experiencing persistent discomfort in my abdomen. Referral followed to a specialist who confirmed my condition.

The chemotherapy treatment started later in 2011, together with taking tablets that I take twice a day.  I also have diabetes that I take tablets for, together with insulin injections and I continue to have the chemotherapy treatments.

After diagnosis I had swelling in both legs that did gradually subside.  I have difficulty in maintaining my balance, so when away from home use a walking stick that helps me not to topple and aids general confidence.

The continuing effects of the treatment is a very sensitive feeling in my feet and lower back.  Furthermore I have a very reduced appetite, so food does not taste as it should and things I used to like eating, I no longer do.

In the main I have coped well in having this condition, and have had much support from my family, especially my wife and grown-up children, who show great interest in how I am coping with treatment and keep me abreast of encouraging information that comes their way that I can take strength from.

My condition has improved from my early months after being diagnosed and the days have long passed when my son-in-laws could be seen wheeling me about in a wheelchair on hospital visits.

I did lose weight by 2 stone initially which I have regained substantially. My appearance hasn’t altered in that I do not look like one who is unwell.

In all, my experience of interacting with medical staff and others that I have met has been a positive one, and I hope I have a number of years before me which, in part, is so far due to the encouragement I experience from my family.

November 2015

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