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What happens afterwards?

After you finish your chemotherapy, you will have a follow-up appointment (check-up) with your oncologist (cancer specialist). You may have a CT scan and blood tests at this appointment, and your oncologist will also check that you are recovering from any side effects of chemotherapy. 

The check-up is a good time to ask any questions and talk about any problems or concerns you have. Your oncologist will also talk to you about any further treatment that you might need.

If your cancer hasn’t grown, you may be given another follow-up appointment in three months time. This will vary between hospitals.

If your cancer starts to grow, you may be able to have further chemotherapy. Or you may be offered other treatments to help manage your symptoms. This will depend on your type of cancer and how well you coped with the previous chemotherapy. Speak to your doctor about what is suitable for you.

If your doctor hasn’t mentioned clinical trials to you, ask if there are any trials that may be suitable for you after you have had first-line or second-line treatment. 

Questions to ask

  • Will chemotherapy help me live longer?
  • Are there any other treatments available to me?
  • Can I have chemotherapy close to where I live?
  • Will I have chemotherapy after my surgery?Can I go on holiday while having chemotherapy treatment?
  • What happens after my chemotherapy treatment?
  • What happens if my chemotherapy treatment doesn’t work?

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Published May 2017

Review date May 2019

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