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Looking after yourself during radiotherapy

Everyone reacts differently to radiotherapy – see how you feel and decide how much activity you can manage. Try to take care of yourself by eating well, taking gentle exercise and making time to rest if you can.

If you have any questions or concerns during or after treatment talk to your specialist nurse or treatment team. You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line – they can answer questions and talk through any worries.

Find out more about coping with pancreatic cancer as well as the range of services we have to support you and your family.

Diet and nutrition

In general, keeping your weight stable may improve how you feel and help you cope better with pancreatic cancer and treatment.

If you are eating well and haven’t lost any weight, you can carry on with your normal diet. But if you have lost weight, are struggling to eat or have a poor appetite, speak to your dietitian. They can help you manage any symptoms. For example, they can give you advice about what to eat to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. Our diet tips might help with weight loss.

You may also need pancreatic enzyme supplements. These replace the enzymes that your pancreas would normally produce. They help to break down food, and can help to manage the diet symptoms of pancreatic cancer. If you haven’t been told about enzyme supplements, ask your doctor, nurse or dietitian about this.

There is more detailed information in our Diet and pancreatic cancer and Diet tips sections, or you can download our Diet and pancreatic cancer booklet.

You might also find it helpful to speak to a dietitian at the hospital. And you can speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line about any questions you have about diet.

Going to work

You can work during treatment if you feel up to it and aren’t too tired. But you may not always be able to get appointments that fit in with work. Talk to your employer as soon as you can and keep them updated about your situation. Find out more about managing your work and money.

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