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Recovering from bypass surgery

You may be in a high dependency unit (HDU) straight after the operation, before going back to the ward. You will have some tubes or drains put in during the operation, which are usually removed in the first couple of days.

Following the operation, you may have some pain and will be given painkillers. You will also be able to drink and eat soft foods, and after a few days you may be able to eat solid foods. But this may vary depending on your recovery.

You will probably spend four to ten days recovering in hospital, if there are no problems, any pain is well controlled and you are eating again. Bypass surgery is major surgery and it may take two to three months to recover.

Check-ups after surgery

You will usually have a check-up within two to six weeks after you go home. The hospital team will check your wound. They will also discuss chemotherapy and any other future treatment that you might need. Some people may go on to have chemotherapy treatment and see an oncologist, who specialises in the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy.

If you have any questions about further treatment, you can all our specialist nurses on our free Support Line.

Bypass surgery for a blocked bile duct

Bypass surgery for a blocked duodenum

Benefits and risks of bypass surgery                                                                                                

Side effects from bypass surgery

Published February 2017

Review date February 2019

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