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Side effects from bypass surgery

You may have some side effects following your surgery. Side effects will affect everyone differently, and you may not get all of them.


You may feel some pain and discomfort after surgery. You will be given painkillers to manage this, and it will reduce over time.


It is normal to feel very tired from the anaesthetic and surgery, and everyone will recover differently.

Sickness after surgery

Sometimes your stomach may take a while to start working again – this is called delayed gastric emptying and will make you feel sick. If this happens, it may take a little longer to recover – your surgical team will discuss this with you.

Eating after surgery

After surgery you might need to change your eating habits. For example, you might feel full more quickly, and will need to eat smaller meals more often. Your dietitian will be able to help you with your diet. If you haven’t seen a dietitian, ask to be referred to one.

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Published February 2017

Review date February 2019

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