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The 14 lifestyle factors that put you at risk of cancer

Posted by: Information & support 17 December 2011

On 6th December Cancer Research UK published results of a study that estimated that about 43%, or 134,000 cases, of all cancers in the UK in 2010 can be attributed to past exposure to 14 lifestyle and environmental risk factors. This included data to show that nearly a third of cases of pancreatic cancer (2,396 cases out of 8,362) can be attributed to smoking and about an eighth (1,017 cases) to being overweight or obese.

Alex Ford, Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK said: 

"This research can help to raise public awareness of the importance of eating healthily, not smoking and exercising regularly in order to reduce the risk of getting pancreatic cancer among others. Many people will be familiar with the link between smoking and lung cancer but its link to pancreatic cancer will be news for many as will the link to being overweight. Anything that can be done to encourage people to adopt more healthy lifestyles and prevent horrible diseases like pancreatic cancer is to be welcomed."

To read the full list of environmental risk factors, please click through to the  Guardian blog article.