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Tool potentially useful in identifying undetected cases of pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Research 2 September 2013

Pancreatic Cancer UK welcomes research published in the most recent edition of the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) that show that the QCancer (Pancreas) tool is potentially useful for identifying undetected cases of pancreatic cancer in primary care in the UK.

QCancer is an electronic tool that has been designed to help GPs to predict the risk of patients having undiagnosed pancreatic cancer.

We have been calling for the implementation of tools to support GPs in identifying patients with a pancreatic cancer concern for some time. Our own 2012 survey, to which 250 GPs responded, found that although most GPs could name one or two possible symptoms of pancreatic cancer, nearly 50% said that they were not confident that they could identify the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer in a patient.

Decision aid tools, like QCancer  are currently being piloted in GP practices in England. Should these pilots reinforce the findings of the BJGP we will lobby for them to be implemented in primary care with the upmost urgency.