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New partnership with Scottish Government for pancreatic cancer research

Posted by: Research 11 December 2014

CsologoWe are delighted to announce our collaboration with Scotland’s Chief Scientist Office (CSO) to fund research into pancreatic cancer.

The CSO will offer joint funding with Pancreatic Cancer UK to fund two Scottish projects of up to £75,000 each through our Research Innovation Fund (RIF). Specifically, the partnership will focus on funding translational research that bridges the gap between work in the laboratory and pancreatic cancer patients. The Research Innovation Fund is intended to spur creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer, including repurposing those successful in other areas of cancer that have justifiable promise  for pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the 6th largest cause of cancer death in Scotland with 742 deaths recorded in 2012 and has the lowest survival rate of all the 21 most common cancers.

Alex Ford, Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK comments, “We are committed to funding research throughout the whole of the UK and are therefore absolutely thrilled by this opportunity from the CSO to fund translational research for pancreatic cancer in Scotland. Pancreatic cancer research funding unfortunately lags behind many other areas of cancer research despite having a very poor survival rate of just 4% after five years, and so this funding of up to £150,000 in Scotland presents a very significant boost to this disease area.”

The deadline for applications to Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Research Innovation Fund is 28th January 2015.