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Europe-wide pancreatic cancer index coming soon

Posted by: Comms 21 February 2014

Inspired by Pancreatic Cancer UK's Study for Survival in 2010, Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) will soon launch the first assessment and comparison of pancreatic cancer care in Europe - the European Pancreatic Cancer Index (EPCI).

Listen to the Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index 2014, Pre-Launch  webinar.

The report will be published on 18 March 2014. The EPCI has been developed by the HCP with the assistance of a grant from Celgene.

The HCP hope that the launch of the EPCI in March 2014 will provide analysis of the type and quality of medical care given to patients with pancreatic cancer across Europe.

The results of Pancreatic Cancer UK's Study for Survival showed that UK survival rates lagged behind those of other European nations and were nearly half of what they were in the US, Canada and Australia. We are very interested to see how this has changed in the intervening years and how survival, medical care and practice differ between the UK and our European counterparts. 

Pancreatic Cancer UK has been working closely with HCP, supporting the development of the European Pancreatic Cancer Index and sharing our experience from the Study for Survival. We look forward to seeing the full results in March.

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