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Scottish incidence predictions for pancreatic cancer

Posted by: Policy and campaigning 20 August 2015

The Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland has this week released data showing trends in the likely number of cases of different cancer types over a 25 year period up until 2027. The projections show 5,596 people in Scotland are predicted to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer between the years 2023-2027 – that represents a massive rise of 50%.

Commenting on the figures, David Park, Head of Policy and Campaigning, said:

‘This predicted rise in the number of pancreatic cancer cases in Scotland is extremely worrying. We are talking about a 50% increase in the number of cases of the cancer with the worst survival rate, with just 4% of patients diagnosed with the disease currently surviving for 5 years or more. These figures are unlikely to be different for the rest of the UK and show the scale of the challenges governments and the NHS across the country need to address.

‘We need to see more work done to help prevent new cases of pancreatic, and other cancers, by targeting known risk factors such as smoking and obesity. However, prevention measures alone will not be enough so we also need to urgently see greater priority given to tackling pancreatic and other cancers with the worst survival rates. We need to see more research carried out into detecting and treating pancreatic cancer so that more patients diagnosed with the disease live for longer.’

You can read the full Cancer Incidence Projections for Scotland 2013-2027 report by The Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland here