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Eight in 10 NHS bodies are letting down cancer patients

Posted by: Information & support 3 October 2016

As reported on the front page of The Daily Telegraph today and in The Sun on Saturday, performance ratings of England’s 209 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are set to be released this week. The official findings will show that more than eight in 10 NHS bodies are letting down cancer patients through late diagnosis, poor survival rates and delayed treatments, with just seven CCGs given a rating of ‘outstanding.’

Responding to this, Anna Jewell, Director of Operations at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “These findings are incredibly concerning, but unfortunately reflect problems with pancreatic cancer diagnoses, delays in the commencement of treatment and poor experiences of care, that we frequently hear about through the Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line. Diagnosis in particular is an issue for pancreatic cancer patients, with 45% being diagnosed through emergency presentation and sadly survival remaining at just 5% after five years.

“The ambitions of the Cancer Strategy and NHS England’s plan for implementation, in terms of investment and capacity need to be realised. And, it must prioritise improving diagnosis, care and treatment for pancreatic cancer, to ensure the disease isn’t left behind.”