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Almost a third of pancreatic cancer cases caused by smoking

Posted by: Information & support 20 September 2016

Public Health England has today released figures which show that less than 17 per cent of people in the UK now smoke.

Responding to this, Anna Jewell, Director of Operations at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “Almost a third of cases of pancreatic cancer are caused by smoking, so it’s great to hear that so many people have kicked the habit, and that just one in six adults now smoke. We know of very few ways that you can reduce your risk of this deadly disease, but giving up smoking is one way you can. Other risk factors include being overweight, as well as your age and family history of the disease. Pancreatic cancer is predicted to become the fourth largest cancer killer, overtaking breast cancer, by 2030, yet awareness of the disease remains very low. It is vital that we all find out more about it.”

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