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Our response to Breast Cancer Now report

Posted by: Comms 5 September 2016

Breast Cancer Now has released a report on access to medicines today. The report follows a summit held earlier this year, attended by Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Responding to the report "Access to medicines: A system fit for the future?" Preth Rao, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“We are very glad to see this report adding to the vital discussion around reform of the appraisal process for cancer drugs. We urgently need to see the NICE system reviewed and improved, so that new treatments are more likely to be given the green light.

“There are very few treatments for pancreatic cancer, and a shocking four per cent of patients live for five years after diagnosis. As this report highlights, revising the end of life criteria for NICE drugs appraisals is essential. Unless relative survival gains lower than three months are considered, pancreatic cancer patients may continue to miss out on much needed treatments.

“That’s why we are fighting to unlock access to new treatments as well as calling for a review of NICE through our Key to Survival campaign - so patients are given the chance of more precious time with their loved ones.”